A. General

The Claiborne County Human Resource Agency Executive Director in conjunction with the County Attorney will review complaints alleging discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability or veteran status involving applications and grantee(s) that provide plan to provide transit services.

  • As a matter of policy, CCHRA allows any person to file a complaint who believes that, individually, or as a part of a specific class of citizens, they have been subjected to discrimination covered by Title VI. All complaints must be filed with the Project Director CCHRA. All complaints must be filed within ninety (90) days of the alleged discrimination. Unless unusual or extenuating circumstances intervene, all complaints must be filed in writing before any action is taken on behalf CCHRA. Recognition of such circumstance must be given by the CCHRA Project Director and/or his representative, in writing.

B. Compliant Filing Procedures

  • Complaints may be submitted in writing to CCHRA Project Director prior to submitting a formal complaint to the Board of Director. Complaints made by or on behalf of the complainant(s) must be signed by the complainant(s).
  • Complainants are to be filed with the FTA Regional Administrator and/or Civil Rights Office.
  • In those situations where the complainant is unable to provide a written complaint, a verbal complaint made to the CCHRA Transit Project Director, shall be accepted and shall be considered sufficient to justify review of the complaint.
  • Prior to any formal compliance review or investigation by CCHRA, the complaint must be put in a written format that identifies specific allegation. The written allegation statement must be signed by the compliant. The Project Director and the County Attorney may provide technical assistance in explaining the discrimination complaint procedures.
  • All written complaints of discrimination will be referred as a matter of routine procedure to the County Attorney.
  • Within fifteen (15) working days of receipt of a written complaint, the complainant(s) are provided written acknowledgement , that the complaint has been received. Complainants will also be made aware of their right to file a complaint with the FTA Regional Office.
  • The Project Director will be given subsequent steps to be taken in resolving or investigating the complaint by the County Attorney.
  • All complaints and subsequent related documents will be added to the files maintained by the CCHRA Transit of Director along with the Project Director.
  • Failure of the complainants to cooperate in the filing investigation and/or of a complaint will be considered cause for the CCHRA Board of Directors to issue a determination that further investigation is not supported by the available information; and shall be considered basis for a finding of probable non-compliance. As such, the CCHRA Board of Directors shall notify FTA in writing of the circumstances. A finding of non-compliance resulting from the failure or refusal of CCHRA Board of Directors to cooperate may be sufficient to withhold approval of pending applications, payments or contracts.
  • Within forty-five (45) days of the receipt of a written complaint, the complainant(s) will receive a written notice of action taken on all complaints as a status report. Such a notification is to include:

  • Identification of any referrals to FTA, legal counselor other affected parties;
  • Status of the CCHRA's review or investigation
  • Request(s) for any additional information

Complaint Review Report , A Written Complaint Review Report will be prepared by the Project Director, for Review by the Board of Director and Legal Counsel as appropriate. This report will be used as the basis of finding(s)/determination(s) and may be used to report non-compliance findings to FTA. The report will at a minimum be in the format outlined in FTA Circular C 4702.1